Training Courses

Training Engineers is one of the most demanding professions in the world and requires a very special approach, along with complete dedication to the highest safety standards.

If you wish to further your career in the Aviation Industry, and already hold your basic engineering licence, then we are here to help you undertake further professional training for your B1 and B2 EASA approved, Part 147 aircraft specific training and certification.

At AETS, in addition to our Instructors engineering skills and experience, many of them hold a professional teaching and assessing qualification. We maintain an ongoing programme for Instructor development, to ensure that their skills remain current and appropriate to changing aviation industry and regulatory needs. 

Whether you are looking for Theoretical, Practical, Regulatory or Specialised training, we strive to deliver engaging and innovative learning solutions for our valued customers.

All of our training courses have been designed to ensure that our students gain a high level of knowledge, competence and experience as well as being fully equipped for the workplace.

We offer high-quality aviation training so that you can become a successful Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and can ensure the safety of the aircraft and it’s passengers.

Contact us for more about our aviation and aircraft engineering training courses and scheduled training events.

EASA Approved Courses

Specialised Courses

Regulatory Courses