Regulatory Training Courses

In partnership with the Aviation Regulations experts SOFEMA we are able to offer a wide range of Regulatory training courses across a broad spectrum of EASA and FAA regulations, covering Airworthiness, Safety Management, Quality, Aviation Security, Cargo Operation and Dangerous Goods. Our expertise in the aviation regulatory field makes us leaders in supporting the industry needs, from consultancy, advice, training and support to completion of your project.

All of our aviation training services are also offered as in-company, reducing your expenditure and maximizing your group participation in a programme that suits your needs. Our effective consultancy, advice and support services ensure that you meet your regulatory requirements, better equipped with the knowledge, skills and competency required to formulate effective solutions.

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Electrical Wire Interconnecting System (EWIS)

We deliver EWIS training to all target groups (1 to 8) as required by EASA AMC 20-22. We also have in house facilities to cover the EWIS practical elements for Groups 1 & 2 in accordance with EASA AMC 20-22 EWIS training programme.

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance

We provide both the initial and recurrent training. These courses cover the mandated requirements of the EASA Syllabus.

Fuel Tank Safety (CDCCL)

We provide Phase I, Phase II and continuation training in accordance with Appendix IV to AMC 145.A.30.

Quality and Auditing

We run a substantial range of Aviation Quality courses, ranging from Essential Quality elements for beginners to Advance Auditing Techniques for Lead Auditors.

Safety Management System (SMS)

We offer up to 25 SMS related courses that can provide you the necessary backgound knowledge, experience and competency to implement and manage your organisation SMS programme.

Extended Twin Operations (ETOPS), Initial and Aircraft Specific

The initial course provides a broad understanding of the ETOPS certification process requirements and ETOPS philosophy in accordance with EASA AMC 20-6 and FAA AC 120-42B. The ETOPS aircraft specific training provides the basis elements to understand the maintenance requirements to operate an ETOPS certified aircraft.

Please contact us if you have any specific training requirements which are not listed.

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