Boeing Training

Boeing B737-7/8/9 (MAX)

B1+B2 (Combined) CategoryB737-7/8/9 (MAX) (LEAP 1B) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
B1 + B2 (Combined) Category - DifferencesB737-7/8/9 (MAX) (LEAP 1B) differences from B737-600/700/800/900 (CFM 56)Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
Engine Run upB737-7/8/9 (MAX) (LEAP 1B) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
C CategoryB737-7/8/9 (MAX) (LEAP 1B) TheoreticalEnquire

Boeing B737-600/700/800/900 (New Generation)

B1/B2 Combined Category - Differences B737-600/700/800/900 B737-7/8/9 (MAX) differencesTheoretical & PracticalEnquire
Engine Run UpB737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56)Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
B1+B2 (Combined) CategoryB737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56)Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
Maintenance DifferencesB737-600/700/800 to -900 Theoretical & PracticalEnquire

Boeing B757-200/300

General FamiliarisationB757-200/300 (PW2000 / RB211) Theoretical Enquire
Engine Run UpB757-200/300 (PW2000) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
Engine Run UpB757-200/300 (RR RB211) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire

Boeing B767-200/300/400

General FamiliarisationB767-200/300/400 (PW4000 / RB211 / GE CF6) Theoretical Enquire
Engine Run UpB767-200/300/400 (PW4000) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
Engine Run UpB767-200/300/400 (GE CF6-80) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
Engine Run UpB767-200/300 (RR RB211) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire

Boeing B777-200/300

General FamiliarisationB777-200/300 (PW4000 / GE 90 / TRENT 800) TheoreticalEnquire
Engine Run UpB777-200/300 (PW4000) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
Engine Run UpB777-200/300 (RR TRENT 800) Theoretical & PracticalEnquire
Engine Run UpB777-200/300 (GE GE90)Theoretical & PracticalEnquire

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